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day dreamin’ ☁

J Dilla - “Dreamy”

had to reblog this again… i love fallin asleep to this. play it really low not too loud

prayin for a good 2015.. been thru hell these past 5 years.. 

i think this is it. i have the strongest feeling rn that this restaurant is gonna be a success. my fam started with one restaurant and it was a success, we made good money until it started getting slower and our competition rising. we opened up a new restaurant and it went downhill because the other half owner tried to rob us for our money, so that restaurant closed and we found an investor, opened up a new restaurant but it failed due to the seasons. it would do good in the summer then slow the rest of the year til next summer. so we had to close that down. then we opened another one but the parking was no good. but the people that came still got hooked and we got a bunch of great yelp reviews but then we had to shut it down again because the investor didnt want to take the risk with this spot because of parking restrictions. so he told my dad he will invest still as long as u find a better location. and we found the perfect location, right across from my college..

You live and you learn. On this road to riches, niggas bound to miss a few turns. Don’t let the bridges that you cross turn into bridges you burn.

—J. Cole (via cantholdmyliquor)

J Dilla


sooth the soul. no lyrics.. just the a classic dilla instrumental.

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It was cool because I got a chance to speak young Black males all over the country about this new idea called Thug Life. Which is a new kind of Black power. Young black males out there identified with Thug Life and I couldn’t handle it. I could handle it, but not right away. Imagine you have 14,000 people ready to do whatever you want. When you have all over the country people waiting to hear what you want to do. All of a sudden I got people in the penitentiary, big time OG criminals, calling me telling me they want me to lead their movement.

But yall think black people love him because he was “just a rapper”..

At 25, Tupac was setting himself up to be a modern day Activist. He took all the teachings from his Black Panther mother and other role models whist growing up, and took a different approach to get his message heard, which was through rap. And made many features at events and discussions like these..

Tupac was assassinated simply because his influence over the young black males started to become uncontrollable, he become a positive light to many and woke black men from their systematic brainwashed unconscious mindset.

They didn’t want another Malcolm X on their hands,

But he was “just a rapper”…
Continue to think that, I don’t care enough to change your mind, I’m just enlightening you..

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